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steampunk art

Are you a steampunk fan? Are you eager to learn more about this movement? You've come to the right place! In this article, we'll cover what steampunk art is, the best ideas around this art, as well as some notable artists. Steampunk art manifests itself in various forms, including film, craft, painting, and decoration. For those who follow this movement, only passion and imagination define the scope of steampunk art.

Steampunk art is a movement that increasingly got more success during these last years. This art was born towards the end of the 19th century. It is a cultural movement that combines both aesthetics and vintage technology.
Initially, it was based on elements of science fiction to highlight the use of energy by steam engines. The Victorian era deeply influenced Steampunk. From sculpture to architecture to inventions, steampunk art is now flourishing.

Whether you're interested in steampunk art or an artist who wants to show your work to an enthusiastic crowd, discover the different artistic fields around which this movement is developing.

Steampunk architecture 

steampunk architecture

Steampunk architecture finds its roots in Victorian architecture. This refers to the design styles created during the Victorian era, between 1830 and 1910, when Queen Victoria ruled with beauty and elegance. These styles included Gothic Revival, Second Empire, and Queen Anne. The materials of steampunk architecture consist of metals such as copper, brass, bronze, and steel. You can also find wood, glass with impressive industrial frameworks. Red carpets and green colors bring an element of elegance and blend well with dark wood types and metallic tones.
Here are some examples of steampunk architecture.

Bradbury Building in Los Angeles

bradbury building

The Bradbury Building was built in 1893 as an office building. It features a central atrium topped with a skylight. Likewise, ornate cast-iron railings surround the atrium. Elevators in the old "birdcage" style allow visitors to reach the upper floors. In addition, this building has been used as a filming location for movies and series since the 1950s. These include Blade Runner (the building where JF Sebastian lives), Dead or Alive, The Artist, and many other TV series.

Armour-Stiner House


The Armour-Stiner House in Irvington, New York, is a little simpler without being less fanciful. It follows a short-lived 1850s fashion for octagonal houses, which have the advantage of defining a larger area, but the disadvantage of oddly shaped rooms. This house was built in 1850, and has a veranda that surrounds it. In the 1870s, the second owner added the dome and cupola, following the octagonal pattern. In addition, the crown is covered with slate tiles with interesting patterns.

Steampunk paintings

steampunk wall art collection

Without a doubt, the most notable aspect of Steampunk culture is its influence on visual arts. Many emerging artists have successfully expanded the steampunk movement by infusing it with an artistic touch, combining Victorian-era aesthetics with Steampunk themes.

Jaroslaw Janikowski

jaroslaw janikowski

Born in 1976 in Legnica, Jaroslaw Janikowski has been a painter since 1991. His early works are characterized by science fiction. Also, his paintings have a dark and psychedelic style. He likes to create "alternative worlds": fantastic realities where various laws of physics are thwarted.

Jakub Rozalski

jacub rosalski

Rozalski is originally from Krakow, Poland. He took his first steps on canvas before discovering digital design. Furthermore, he is inspired by classical-style paintings as well as modern techniques.

Steampunk sculpture

Hasan Novrozi

Famous artists have developed the quintessence of the steampunk movement through the creation of exceptional sculptures. To perpetuate this incredible universe, sculptors like Hasan Novrozi have designed extraordinary sculptures.
Hasan Novrozi was trained in Iran, which allowed him to design a collection of steampunk sculptures based mainly on animals. When these sculptures are displayed, they give the impression of being full of life. The talented Hasan Novrozi designs his sculptures from metal parts, car components, and other scrap metals.

steampunk shows

kurious show cirque du soleil

The art of Steampunk is also found in Kurios by Cirque du Soleil. The famous Stéphane Roy has conceived an unusual idea around a theater without a script. The decor was put together from scratch using old objects recovered from flea markets and scrap yards. The theme of the show revolves around the first aircraft and the first hot air balloons.

Steampunk vehicles and planes

steampunk cars

Steampunk cars are quite unusual vehicles. Their design is very industrial and brings out all the beauty of the car mechanics. Since Steampunk refers to steam engines, Steampunk vehicles have a particular configuration.
Back to a world centered on steam, steampunk airplanes represent the very proof of the zany inventions of this era. Most of steampunk airplanes combine a classic Victorian steampunk design with a "star wars style" design. Among the most famous steampunk airplanes is the bucking bronco, which appears to be a warship.

Steampunk literature

war of the worlds

Steampunk has led to epic works like HG Wells' War of the Worlds. It is one of the greatest classics of science fiction. Apart from this work, it is possible to discover Steampunk through the great experiments of Charles Dickens, Sherlock Holmes of Conan Doyle, the difference machine of William Gibson or Drood of Dan Simmons.


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