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Do you want to stand out from the crowd and adopt a stunning look? Do you dream of rising to the top of the Victorian trends of the industrial 19th century? Then prepare yourself for a 100% retro-futuristic trip! My Steampunk Style is committed to providing you with the best Steampunk dresses to guarantee you a high-quality look. Authenticity and elegance are the watchwords for our dresses! We have the model you want, from short and seductive Victorian steampunk dresses to long and surprising dresses. 

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In the Steampunk genre, lace dresses are mixed with leather to bring contrast. Steampunk dresses combine the best of traditional Steampunk and neo-Victorian style to make an outstanding outfit. These Steampunk dresses will take you on your next adventure, whatever your style, budget, and creative skills.
Perfectly suited to late 1800s prints, the dresses in this collection are perfectly tailored for anyone. We know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so we have made a point of offering a wide range of sizes. 

It is time to get the flattering dress you deserve. Are you more into lace dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses? Pleated, with ruffles, straps, embroideries? Get the right one for your wardrobe and upgrade your Steampunk outfits! Some dresses are presented as a set. It means the pack includes a corset and a separate skirt, enabling you to use only the skirt or the corset whenever it pleases you. Our corset dresses are boned, so you get that lovely Renaissance-like silhouette, without the pain of that time! We also dedicate great care to details to bring you the best quality. We use fabrics such as velvet, satin, and cotton. Some other models are in soft polyester and carefully seamed. Who said that Steampunk clothing wasn't couture? 

Whether you are at a conventional cosplay outing or a themed party, these period dresses will impress anyone on your way. Our Steampunk dresses are also suitable for film and television production, Prom, theater, living history, performing arts, and perfect for vintage weddings.

Which Steampunk dress should I choose?

Our Steampunk dresses allow you to create the perfect steampunk ensemble for a themed party or convention. The neo-Victorian dresses come in various styles, from post-apocalyptic to ladylike Victorian dresses to modern Steampunk dresses with a gothic twist. Many of our long dresses feature tiered ruffles, vintage bustiers, and puffy sleeves. Our Steampunk sleeveless dresses offer a flirty look: finish your outfit with gloves, a mini top hat, and you are ready to go!
Every dress comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and fine materials.
Take a moment to browse our selection and discover your next Steampunk dress.


The Steampunk community loves to say that there is no rule. And it is true! My Steampunk Style is always on the lookout for new and original outfits so that you can create your own identity while having fun.
Our Victorian dresses are online exclusives. Leave your casual and formal dresses behind and embrace creativity and freedom! Fans of subtlety and glamour steal the show with unique retro looks. There is no better way to enhance your look than with your self-confidence. We believe that each person is unique and will wear their dress most wonderfully because the love of Steampunk is, above all, a true art of living.

Are you searching for a steampunk top that will perfectly fit your silhouette? Then come and discover our steampunk corsets!


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