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42 products

Our collection of Steampunk rings

In this collection, you will find 100% steampunk models or neo-Victorian rings for men and women. Give yourself an offbeat gift that will brighten up your everyday style with totally vintage neo-retro accessories. These rings will add to your jewelry collection a unique touch.

Our Steampunk rings come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from vintage designs like skeletonĀ bones and cameos to ingenious steampunk objects. Several unique designs embrace a nautical theme, showing octopuses, diving helmets and other maritime icons, while others display a whimsical flair with dragon eyes and butterflies.

Which Steampunk ring should I chose?

Some models are decorated with various gear mechanisms and Victorian-looking stones. They perfectly match the Victorian style and give more distinction to anyone passionate about Steampunk. In this category, you will find rings of different types and the latest trends such as:

  • Viking rings
  • Gothic rings
  • Victorian rings
  • Steampunk rings
  • Vintage rings
  • Antique rings

Steampunk ring styles range from simple and classic to complex and unique. You can find rings in multiple metals, and many designs are geared towards antique or modern styles.Ā Sometimes a simple ring can make a big difference. The provocative and alternative Steampunk rings are perfect for adding a touch of harmony to your look. Some of our Steampunk rings are plated with 925 sterling silver for women or men. This has many advantages:

  • neat and aesthetic finish
  • anti-oxidation(does not rust)
  • Does not irritate the skin

Silver is thus a metal well suited for Steampunk rings and to wear punk, grunge, and alternative look in general.Ā 

Jewelry is essential in a Steampunk outfit. Go choose among various Steampunk necklaces here!