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Welcome to our steampunk store! Get into the retro-futuristic universe and choose among hundreds of exclusive items. Whether you're looking for a pair of goggles, the legendary top hat, Victorian jewelry, or the pocket watch of your dreams, you are in the right spot!
Entering the alternative fashion world has never been so easy. Reveal yourself and be sensational. Break the rules!

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How to create a steampunk outfit?

To get into this Victorian fantasy style, you'll need some standout pieces and some specific accessories. The dress code of steampunk is made of whimsical clothes with a gothic, futuristic and vintage spirit at the same time. A touch of burlesque fashion can also be added for an elegant touch. Leather, lace, silk, refined materials are used and mixed with finesse. As for the choice of colors, they are mainly dark or white (brown, gray, black). Many pieces of steel or copper come to complete the looks as fashion accessories. You can be as inventive as you want: in the steampunk world, the only rule is to express who you are!

Steampunk fashion for women:

Steampunk enthusiasts will notice that My Steampunk Style has plenty of dresses, leather jackets, skirts and tops to create a unique and authentic steampunk fashion look for women. And to complete your steampunk look, we also have earrings, pendant watches and corsets.

Steampunk fashion for men:

Steampunk lovers will find costume vests and coats in the men's steampunk fashion category. Pair them with shorts, shirts and T-shirts for a more personal look. It's all in the details, and EMP's steampunk outfits are especially sophisticated.
Our tip: a stylish top hat will complete any men's steampunk outfit.