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Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy cultures. However, in recent years, it has become a popular fashion movement that combines Victorian-inspired clothing with the Industrial Revolution elements. Although relatively new, Steampunk fashion has been around for decades, especially in the costume community. Steampunk is all about the details. Enhance the style of your favorite steampunk cosplay with vintage-inspired pieces. These accessories will help you take your costume to the next level, whether it's gothic, Victorian or western-inspired.

Steampunk accessories that will complete your costume

Suppose you want to be unique and original for the next Carnival or for your next costume party. In that case, you will surely fall for our selection of Steampunk accessories! Choose a futuristic look or a baroque Steampunk look, and we guarantee that all eyes will be on you. Thanks to our online site, you will find THE unique look that fits you!

Steampunk fashion is beautiful and aesthetic, but your outfit won't be truly complete until you have the right accessories. Maybe your outfit needs a pocket watch and a custom steampunk hat. Perhaps you're looking for a steampunk mask or a unique leather bag. Do you also need steampunk goggles or a special pair of sunglasses? At My Steampunk Style, we have it all and more!

We know that your steampunk character is a personal and creative vision. We provide you with all the steampunk accessories you could want to realize that vision. Browse our extensive collection of gas masks, steampunk bags, steampunk accessories, and more. We are sure you will find the perfect addition to your collection.

Steampunk accessories: revisiting Victorian fashion

This style is heavily influenced by the Victorian and Edwardian eras, a time of prosperity, creativity, and elaborate fashion. Long coats, top hats, bustiers, and frilly umbrellas were the fashion of the day, paired with pocket watches, pendants, and ornate cameo brooches. Steampunk style developed to incorporate these influences to create a unique look. When you need to accentuate your steampunk look and stand out from the crowd, a few elegant steampunk-inspired watches are definitely the way to go. Achieve the steampunk look of high society ladies by filling your collection with bracelets, rings, necklaces, hats, and more. Don't leave your steampunk style unfinished, but add to it. If you've got the outfit but need accessories, let My Steampunk Style provide you with all the steampunk accessories you'll need to make your look just right. Make your festival, party or convention outings stylish and vintage by showing up in a retro custom style.

Steampunk accessories for women and men

Among the steampunk accessories for women, we propose hats, mittens, handbags, and waistbands or belts specific to this style. We do not forget the unavoidable pair of goggles and masks decorated with spikes and cogs, among others. Among the most extravagant patterns you will find on the accessories octopuses, dragonflies, flies, or beetles, certainly surprising but so appreciated in the steampunk universe.
Just as for women, goggles, monocles, and masks are in the spotlight regarding accessories for men. What could be more steampunk than having a hat on your head with a nice pair of goggles? Typically steampunk, we find the famous pocket watch hanging on the jacket and revealing the chain. You can also hold a cane or a replica weapon with a steampunk look. 

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