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Steampunk airships are often referred to as "lighter than air" aircraft. Basically, they are early creations in a race to dominate the air during the post-Victorian period. An airship looks like an aircraft with a device to provide lift (a balloon filled with lighter-than-air gas) and a propulsion system to steer it. This excludes hot-air balloons and gas balloons subject to the wind and are only vertically maneuverable. Steampunk-style airships have appeared in many science fiction books and are now a key symbol of the steampunk movement.

The airship: a symbol for the steampunk world 

Steampunk is a literary trend that takes its roots in the 19th century, in the middle of the Victorian era. Its characteristics: adventures that take place in the context of the industrial revolution, great discoveries, and especially futuristic discoveries (for the time). Jules Verne is one of its fathers, with his amazing machines such as the Nautilus of Captain Nemo. Many other machines are also in the steampunk landscape, like time machines, steam engines, and of course, steampunk airships.

Get a Steampunk airship for your home decor

This fantastic world has inspired many artists and creators to create airships, all as wolfish and unique as each other. Everything is allowed to make the spectator dream and invite them to join these majestic ships of the air. My Steampunk Style invites you to dream by decorating your home with steampunk airships in this collection. Find scale models, wooden models, sculptures and give a retro-futuristic touch to your interior decoration.

It is time to put some colors on your walls. Why not with our Steampunk wall art?


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