20 animals in their Steampunk version!

It's time to honor the animals in their Steampunk version! We included some unusual animals in this article; stay tuned! Many surprises await you through this TOP, so we wish you a good viewing!

Steampunk seahorse

steampunk seahorse

We didn't want to start with the most popular, but with the most aesthetically pleasing. We could even say that the seahorse is "steampunk" in itself because of its morphology. Sue Beatrice creates spectacular miniature steampunk animal sculptures using the smallest parts of converted antique pocket watches. Dragons, octopuses, horses, and fairies... Throughout this article, the photos we will see show a small sample of his incredible works.

Steampunk cat

steampunk cat

Here is the most popular steampunk animal! In drawings, sculptures, or costumes, the Steampunk cat wears Steampunk Hats extremely well. It even looks like it was made to wear this accessory, don't you think? An aviator and explorer cat or cat ready for war... Choose your style!

Steampunk octopus

steampunk octopus

And here is finally the Steampunk Octopus, loved by many. Its origins, as well as its inspirations, come from the books of Jules Verne. Scuba on the head, Steampunk glasses, or even gears at the end of the tentacles: we can say that the Octopus is to Steampunk what the Dragon is to Fantasy.

Steampunk Butterfly

Terribly aesthetic and refined, the Steampunk Butterfly has almost as much "class" as the Steampunk seahorses. It is in its atypical morphology that we find the same originalities.

steampunk butterfly

steampunk animal pendant

Steampunk owl

steampunk owl

The owl has significantly been diverted in Steampunk fashion. This animal is often highlighted with clocks. They live in the dark, attracting magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge. The owl is also a symbol of femininity and fertility. Even mythology associates the owl with this wisdom and femininity.

Steampunk dragon

steampunk dragon

This impressive mythological creature is at its best when dressed in steampunk style. And especially when it takes disproportionate dimensions. We can see below the creator Tom Samui with his magnificent Steampunk Dragon made of metal and gears. 

Steampunk bird

steampunk bird

Russian artist Igor Verniy has created spectacular art using an old stock of spare parts and junk. Turning metal objects into steampunk-inspired animals is no easy task, but Verniy manages to do it with great success: some features move, bringing the already detailed sculpture to life. He starts by studying the animal he plans to recreate, to get the movements and the image. He then builds them with the most appropriate materials he can find.

Steampunk fish

steampunk fish

Steampunk fishes often represent fishes from the deep and abyss because it creates an aura of mystery and distance, as we know so little about this extreme underwater world.

Steampunk elephant

steampunk elephant

This fascinating and impressive animal does not escape Steampunk!

Steampunk unicorn

steampunk, unicorn

Epic sculpture or small miniature object, the Steampunk unicorn has not finished making us dream!

Steampunk insect

steampunk insect

Igor Verniy, who we discussed above, and Mike Libby dominate this category. These artists do not lack imagination with their ladybug, bee, wasp, or even Steampunk ant.

Steampunk rabbit

steampunk rabbit

The rabbit is usually a cute creature, like the illustration showing him with a top hat. However, the Steampunk rabbit can sometimes turn into something else... something scarier!

Steampunk scorpio

steampunk scorpio

Let's change the mood with these Steampunk scorpios! Even as drawings or metal sculptures, they still look dangerous...!

Steampunk horse

steampunk horse

We talked about unicorns, but now let's talk about Steampunk horses. The reference is Hasan Novrozi, primarily known for his famous Steampunk Pegasus.

Steampunk dog

steampunk dog

As for cats, Steampunk Dogs are very popular. The most famous is probably the one from Stéphane Halleux's work. About his work, he says: "I like crazy mixes, unlikely associations, advanced technology mixed with old-fashioned mechanisms. I have always been fascinated by robotics, its advantages, and its contradictions." Stephane used leather, metal, wood pulp, and recycled materials to create these beautiful sculptures.

Steampunk spider

steampunk spider

If you are not afraid of spiders, these pictures are for you! Putting a light bulb to make the spider's belly: it's really a bright idea, don't you think?

Steampunk dragonfly

steampunk dragonfly

Tiny flying insect, the steampunk dragonfly often has mechanical wings with multiple cogs. Others have completely normal wings with mechanical bodies.

Steampunk beetle

steampunk beetle

The beetle is also often represented in steampunk style: with gears instead of organs. We could have placed it with the Steampunk bugs, but we think it deserves its own category, as the creations are so aesthetically pleasing.

Steampunk wolf

steampunk wolf

The pic on the right is an artwork by Andrew Chase. He created a multitude of mechanical animals (elephant, ram, rhinoceros, panther, t-rex, horse, lion, giraffe, gorilla, ...), but on top of that, they are fully articulated!
The other illustrations feature half-animal, half-machine wolves.

Steampunk fox

steampunk fox

And finally, we wanted to introduce you to the Steampunk foxes. Few sculptures have been made about foxes; however, the illustrations compensate for this lack, all equally original and diverse. Mechanical and metallic fox, or a fox wearing steampunk glasses and a top hat...

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