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Get the finest Steampunk pocket watches.

Want to get even closer to the Victorian era? Mechanical and vintage pocket watches are a great way to showcase your unique style. 
Steampunk pocket watches are not just for their functionality but also for their originality and beauty, which is why they are so appealing. Those who like to enhance their look and stand out from the crowd are sure to make a difference with this accessory.
We offer a wide range of antique, modern, gold, silver, and skeletonized pocket watches. You can be sure to find the style and design that suits you here.

Our pocket watches are very easy to wear and can be paired with other accessories. To make the fantasy world of Steampunk even more accurate and exciting, we at My Steampunk Style have gathered all the best accessories to help you look like you just stepped out of a time machine. Different accessories such as pocket watches will give you the ultimate look to complete your Steampunk outfit. Whether you want to look like you stepped out of a Victorian industrial era or want to add some exciting pieces to your wardrobe, Steampunk pocket watches are a great way to find inspiration. So check out this collection of Steampunk pocket watches now!

The reasons to buy a Steampunk pocket watch

Some might think that pocket watches are a thing of the past, that's totally wrong. In fact, pocket watches are making a comeback, and what a comeback it is. These days, pocket watches have the perfect mix of style and extravagance.

The interesting thing about pocket watches is that you don't have to hold your watch on your wrist anymore. You can keep your watch in your pants pockets or jacket pocket. Our Steampunk pocket watches have a long chain to be able to hang it anywhere, and a clapper firmly installed to avoid shocks. The dial is slightly larger than a classic watch. Overall, when it comes to budget pocket watches, this steampunk accessory will appeal to both Steampunk enthusiasts and casual cosplayers.

Eventually, the pocket watch is an original gift that will be remembered. Here you can find the perfect pocket watch for the Steampunk or vintage lover around you!

Some additional details about our vintage pocket watches

You might think that pocket watches only come in round shapes, but you would be wrong. We have ovoid, square, and hexagonal shapes too! This pocket watch collection masterfully combines Victorian and modern styles to get the best designs.
Some pocket watches are automatic, you just have to wind them once a day.
Mechanical pocket watches have an automatic movement much like vintage watches. Other pocket watches have a quartz movement, and we suggest you wear them as a pendant necklace. With their vintage style in stainless steel or bronze, these models are just as good as the watches you can find at the jewelry shop.

Add a Steampunk touch to any outfit with our Steampunk armors. Live your passion to the fullest!


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