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19 products

Wear a Steampunk wristwatch for a retro-futuristic look

Bring the steampunk style into your watch! You can make a style statement with very distinctive watches that consist of large leather cuffs. You can also choose more discreet models, which are still imbued with the atmosphere of the 19th century. On the budget side, there is something for everyone. Several models offer genuine leather and quality automatic mechanisms to perfectly match the atmosphere of those years. Our collection offers skeleton, automatic, mechanical, wooden, and quartz watches. They are assembled with leather (or PU leather), steel, and wooden straps. Add a vintage touch to your style with the wide variety of Steampunk watches for sale online at My Steampunk Style.

Which steampunk watch to choose?

Some models have gothic characteristics, such as the use of skulls. Other models are more traditional, with visible mechanisms overhung by Roman numerals. As for the bracelet, several designs are available. You can choose between a characteristic dial with a classic bracelet or a steampunk-influenced bracelet. If you want to assert a steampunk style, do not hesitate to go for watches with a wide bracelet.

Steampunk quartz watch

The quartz watches in this collection are all sorted with delicacy and meticulousness. Find here watches with round and rectangular dials. Some models are even transparent, so you can see the gears, the movement of the balance, and all the mechanics that move the second hand and other hands. Some models are more focused on the fantastic theme of time travel with the compass and the temperature indicated on the dial.

Steampunk mechanical watch

Find watches with a manual winding. Some watches, such as those with a vintage brass dial, are entirely transparent. The bracelets offered are leather, leatherette, silver bracelet, stainless steel, and alloy; some patinas have a vintage aged effect remarkably achieved.

How to wear a steampunk watch?

A steampunk watch can be worn in several ways. You can wear it with a classic outfit to bring a touch of originality to your style. Other people choose a total steampunk look, with clothes reminiscent of the 19th century. If you, too, are inspired by this exceptional century, do not hesitate to get a watch with an apparent mechanism, Roman numerals, or leather straps.

For an even more retro look, opt for our Steampunk pocket watches. Relive the glory of the Victorian era!