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13 products

get a badass look with a Steampunk armor!

The art of warfare is involved in the Steampunk fantasy genre. Characters in Steampunk books and video games are often heavily armed and possess lethal weapons. Traveling through universes, they fight with monsters and defend oppressed people in the name of justice. But how should they be dressed and where to get a fantastic Steampunk armor? Here on My Steampunk Style you can enjoy an original approach to fantasy armor and acquire a sophisticated super chic Steampunk armor. The strong individuality inherent in our armor will make you feel on top of your game.

Why getting a Steampunk armor?

Steampunk armor will bring out your adventurous and reckless side. Also, a steampunk outfit is never "smooth and clean." Many layers can be added on top of your outfit, and armor is a great way to add some depth to it. Accessories are essential because they make your character even more accurate and give away details about your personality. Be your own hero, and don't be afraid to think outside the box!

Several types of armor are available in this collection. Most of our armors are flexible and fit over any clothing, whether wearing a shirt, dress, or corset. This allows you to move freely and feel comfortable at the same time. Our different models cover shoulders, arms, forearms, fingers, etc. Find typical Steampunk elements, like spikes, compasses, cogs, buckles, and more. Steampunk fashion is for all dreamers; it is time to embark on your favorite adventure!

Need more accessories? Steampunk gloves are always a good idea.