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The Steampunk jacket has the charm of Victorian England, but also other vintages influences. Dress in great Victorian style, where a mix of elegance and fantasy will transport you to a timeless fashion, away from the temporary and soulless trends.
Dare to have a distinctive style that puts old codes and values back in the forefront. 

The Steampunk jacket is a crucial element for your cosplay costume or simply for your everyday outfit. Extravagant or refined, the jackets in our collection fit every style. Depending on the occasion and your desires, adopt a retro-futuristic look with a stylish and well-cut jacket. Over a shirt or a corset, you will look like a 19th-century aristocrat. You can also wear your Steampunk jacket with raw denim for a casual and trendy look. But be careful to find the right balance when pairing pieces together. Find the right combination and bring a new dimension to your wardrobe. We offer a wide selection of available jackets that come in various colors and patterns. Find the typical tones of the Steampunk genre, such as black, brown, red, purple, and even gold! For a Gothic touch, dare to wear velvet models and tailcoat jackets, Dracula effect guaranteed!

Which jacket to choose according to its morphology?

The choice of your jacket depends on your morphology. It is essential to select a jacket that will enhance your silhouette. Our different models available fit all body types. Stretch, slim, regular fit... A jacket tailored for you awaits you in our selection. As for the length, we generally advise letting the jacket fall on the bottom of the buttocks. If you are taller, you can also choose a model that goes down to the top of the thighs to rebalance your silhouette and emphasize your upper body. For the opposite effect, a jacket that stops at the waist will lengthen your legs and make you look taller.

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