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Our Steampunk vests

Are you looking for an original style to assert your gentleman side? Do you wish to have a look a little more "badass"? Or maybe to have a Victorian Gothic style? My Steampunk Style offers you its collection of Steampunk vests.Our models are ideally suited to the elegant steampunk style. It represents both the bourgeoisie, but also the Victorian era.  Tie a gold or silver bow tie on your best lace shirt to look like an English dandy. To wear a Steampunk vest is an excellent way to constitute costumes above bland outfits.

Our collection of steampunk striped vests, leather vests offer a unique style with a historical look. Made from various fine materials, they pair well with accessories like pocket watches and steampunk ties. Thanks to their structured cut, we also provide tight-fitting vests for men that help create the ideal ratio of shoulders to hips. 

You will find in our range several styles characterizing the steampunk movement:

  • The Biker Steampunk style with its leather vests.
  • The Far West style.
  • The Victorian Gothic style with its brocade fabrics and tails.
  • The Baroque style for a more chic side.

Our range of vests is extensive enough for you to find the one that suits you best. Please browse our selection of high-quality vests to find the right one for your steampunk costume!

How to wear a steampunk vest?

The sleeveless jacket is a must-have in a steampunk wardrobe. Both men and women fans of this universe love to wear this garment. The sleeveless vest can be worn over a shirt or under a thicker coat. The color of your sleeveless vest will determine the style of your outfit. If you choose a bold color such as red or orange, then your sleeveless vest will liven up your outfit. A sleeveless jacket in a neutral, dark color, such as blue, black, or gray, will reveal the colors of your outfit.
Our jackets want to recall the old days. That's why they all have ornate buttons as a closure. Indeed, unlike modern zippers, the buttons will give you a chic and classic style. The sleeveless vest can be worn open or closed for various styles. If you button up your vest, you will have a very distinguished look. Worn open, the sleeveless vest will reinforce your casual style and can enhance, for example, your steampunk shirt.

How to look like a Steampunk dandy with a vest?

The Steampunk dandy style is inspired by the late eighteenth century in England. The term then referred to people who played with fashion without moving away from it. The dandies partially freed themselves from the dress codes to dress more original. The Steampunk dandy is a man who likes refinement and takes care of his appearance. The cut of his clothes is studied, which must be adjusted and well-cut. The sleeveless vest is an essential part of the dandy's outfit.

Looking for a new idea for your steampunk look? Browse our collection of steampunk pants!


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