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Get the look with our steampunk masks!

There is always a special moment to wear a steampunk mask to complete your look! Choose a mask for Halloween, a festival, a convention, or a theme party. 
Discover our wide range of masks, for example, "ghost of the opera" masks, mascarade masks, gothic masks, or even Venetian masks. Join the steampunk community and stand out by putting on a mask that will boost your outfit! Our designs combine different historical elements straight out of the retro-futuristic world.

Steampunk masks have nothing to do with cheap masks found in flea markets or low-cost costume stores. They are designed and made with the most excellent care. Some masks are very detailed in terms of gears, finishes, pipes, and colors. The rigidity of PVC allows them not to get deformed. They have elastic straps for optimal maintenance at the back of the head. Some masks have more of a "punk spirit" with skulls and gothic aesthetics. 

Which Steampunk mask should I choose?

It is crucial to choose a mask according to the spirit of your outfit and the personality you want to show. Let us present you our three most popular masks:

Plague mask

The Plague Doctor mask is trendy among steampunk lovers. This mask was, at the time, very much used by doctors to "cure" the bubonic plague patients. Made of leatherette or PU leather, this mask gives an impressive (and frightening!) effect once the full outfit is worn. We offer several colors and designs - even LED masks - so you can choose to get the most suitable mask for you. We suggest you wear an oversized black coat to create the famous raven look. If you want a complete Plague Doctor outfit, you can also check our costume collection.

Venetian Mask

If you are in a seductive mood, then discover our Venetian masks. They are glamorous, trendy, and chic‚ÄĒthe perfect steampunk accessory for a triumphant look.
This type of mask covers parts of the face or is full-covering. They can be embroidered with lace, metal, or paper. The aim is to hide the real face of the wearer as much as possible. And when you're not wearing it, your mask will serve as a beautiful steampunk decoration. We have in stock masks in silver, gold, and bronze colors.

Steampunk gas mask

The gas mask with one front filter or two side filters is also very popular.
This mask is on the edge of the Steampunk genre; it could also be classified as a Dieselpunk mask. The steampunk gas mask is perfect for parties like Halloween or Carnival.

Steampunk masks for men and women

Browse our collection of steampunk masks to see which one would be the best fit for you. We have what you need, whether it's a leather mask or one with small copper gears. Our steampunk masks for men and women are available in one size. Our masks are designed to be ergonomic and practical, with lightweight materials.
This accessory will be a hit at your next steampunk event! Wear a steampunk mask to hide a part of your face during social events and be mysterious.

Want another accessory? Discover our selection of Steampunk glasses. 


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