Steampunk fashion: everything you need to know!

What is Steampunk fashion?

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The Steampunk look is perfect for standing out at a themed photoshoot or convention. These outfits allow you to showcase your individuality by displaying your passion for vintage clothing and alternative worlds. Let's take a look at this fashion with unique looks!

Steampunk fashion is one of the latest trends in alternative fashion. This clothing style was originally inspired by the literary genre of the same name. In steampunk worlds, the industrial revolution focused on steam engines rather than oil, resulting in the absence of plastic and an increased presence of metal and geared devices.

The retro-futuristic look is very present and can be found in various television series and movies. Steampunk fashion is for both men and women and is easily mixed with other styles such as Victorian, Gothic or Western. Fans can be inspired by Victorian writers such as Jules Verne, Mark Twain, or Herbert Wells.

steampunk fashion for women

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In the case of steampunk fashion for women, you will find pants, short skirts, puffed sleeve dresses, bustiers, or romantic blouses. All pieces of clothing are suitable for this style as long as they existed in the nineteenth century. Accessories are also essential. Feel free to add belts, mittens, metal jewelry, hats, shortened leather corsets, and any other accessory that can enhance your outfit.

What will give your look that special touch that characterizes steampunk is the addition of small details related to steam and industrialization. Cogs here, copper chains there, pipes and bolts, these are some of the little details you can't do without for a steampunk outfit.

In terms of color, stick to beige, brown, bronze, and black. Velvet and heavy metal parts are used to create a combination of Victorian-style and steam machinery parts.

Steampunk fashion for men

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To adopt the steampunk look, men only need to put on a shirt, pants, vest, and jacket. To succeed, accessories such as the pocket watch, goggles, monocles, or top hats are appropriate. Of course, it will be necessary to associate some additional elements specific to this genre, such as keyboards reminding the old typewriters, again and again, cogs, or simply parts reminding mechanization of a part of the body (generally the arm).

In this atypical fashion, note that the stripes and the brocade prints in shades of bronze, brown, black, and beige are all the rage. The bowler hat, the helmet, or the old-fashioned cork cap are all authorized headgear to complete the look.

How to adopt steampunk fashion?

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Steampunk fashion is a mix of influences from various historical periods. Steampunk is becoming more and more popular without being a mainstream fashion. This fashion has greatly evolved during its aesthetic evolution thanks to the cinema, the internet, and social networks. If you want to adopt the look, you should follow some basic rules.

Victorian era as a base

To adopt the steampunk fashion, base yourself on the Victorian era. Feel free to hijack, accessorize and mix genres for a successful look. The key is to find an item with a strong period style such as a frock coat, jodhpur, military jacket, vest, aviator jacket, or riding pants. Take inspiration from the images on the web to create your outfits. However, be careful not to fall into cliché.

The choice of aesthetics

Steampunk fashion is also based on the aesthetics of alternative history. The elements used in this style are designed from films and books presenting an alternative history where steam engines predominate. In 2010, the fashion industry also took an interest in Victorian spiritualism, thus developing an interest in the steampunk aesthetic.

There are various archetypes or characters in this fashion. The explorer dressed in a colonial helmet, binoculars, and a brass telescope is among them. The debonair aviator is also present with his aircraft and gadgets in the shape of birds, brass glasses, leather helmet, and canvas coat. On the other hand, the mad scientist character is adorned with a smock, but also with a belt from which various instruments are attached.

Mix genres

If you like other genres, have fun mixing them up for a unique look. Pirate, western, and fantasy styles blend seamlessly in a steampunk look. Cultural amalgamations including Native American, Oriental, Arabian, and African genres are welcome. Steampunk allows you to reinterpret, explore, rework or develop 19th-century fashion as you see fit.

The importance of accessories in steampunk fashion

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In steampunk fashion, accessories are the most crucial part of the look. Make sure they are consistent with the character and the outfit. Originally, this fashion included only a few pieces of jewelry, but various elements were added to the outfit as it evolved. Steel frames, welder's goggles, pirate bandana or deerstalker are all accessories that enhance the look.

Unless you have a very elaborate hairstyle, you'll benefit from wearing a hat that you can customize to suit your tastes. The general idea of this fashion is to see the person as a mechanism. To emphasize it:

  1. Favor pieces with bolts, nuts, or other mechanical elements.
  2. Put on Victorian boots or massive military-style shoes for footwear.
  3. Wear lace gloves, but also other accessories. You can choose from umbrellas, canes, guns, or pistols.

Other pieces to accessorize the look

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Whether you decide to wear a replica gun or not, you can put on straps, holsters, and belts for your look. Also, use variations of luggage items such as a purse or suitcase, not to mention ornaments and medals.

Feel free to add various devices that give you a martial or scientific look and mechanical wings to tinker with yourself if you are good with your hands. Also, turn to portable copper or leather and brass machines capable of producing steam or light effects.

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