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What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a type of science fiction that imagines advanced steam technology in an alternate industrial revolution, either with the stereotypical characteristics of the era. Steampunk worlds usually focus on Western society, most often in Victorian England, belle époque France or sometimes in the Wild Wild West.
Visual Steampunk is inspired by an industrial aesthetic where brass, cogs, clocks, and, of course, steam are central to the "look" and formal 19th-century Western fashion. One can add archetypes like the mad scientist or the zeppelin pilot...
Steampunk novels often focus on alternate history, and uchronies, emphasizing real-life inventors such as Nikolai Tesla or Charles Babbage to explain "advanced" technologies such as airplanes and computers that run on steam engines.

Why punk in Steampunk?

In 1987, Tim Powers and James Blaylock wrote science fiction novels, drawing ideas from the excitement of the industrial revolution. It is whispered that K.W. Jeter added the word punk to make fun of the cyberpunks, eternal pessimists, and very first degree.

Origins of Steampunk

Steampunk is a fascinating genre, in that it has evolved from forward-looking speculative fiction to nostalgic science fiction. The roots of science fiction are in the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne in books such as War of the Worlds and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. In these books, the 19th-century authors imagine futuristic devices that arrived earlier, impressive in their capabilities but almost possible for the time.
Verne's Captain Nemo, for example, is the captain of the Nautilus, a submarine whose capabilities far exceed those of any craft that existed at the time. In his comic book The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Alan Moore brilliantly describes Nemo as a "pirate of science.
These inventions and characters have been incredibly influential, and many authors have drawn on 19th-century ideas of the future, even as that imagined future fluctuated. Through this process, Steampunk has both a factual and fictional basis, a pseudo-historical origin that gives it a tangible claim to legitimacy.

How to dress in the Steampunk style?

To dress in the Steampunk style, you'll need some standout pieces and some specific accessories. The dress code of steampunk is made of whimsical clothes with a gothic, futuristic and vintage spirit at the same time. A touch of burlesque fashion can also be added for an elegant touch. Leather, lace, silk, refined materials are used and mixed with finesse. As for the choice of colors, they are mainly dark or white (brown, gray, black). Many pieces of steel or copper come to complete the looks as fashion accessories. You can be as inventive as you want: in the steampunk world, the only rule is to express who you are!

Steampunk fashion for women

Steampunk enthusiasts will notice that My Steampunk Style has plenty of dresses, leather jackets, skirts, and tops to create a unique and authentic steampunk fashion look for women. And to complete your steampunk look, we also have earrings, pendant watches, and corsets. The composition of the Steampunk clothing for women is quite multiple. Several accessories such as bustier, lace, boots, corset, and ideally long skirts must be carefully matched. All these combinations are mixed with an appropriate choice of jewelry. Steampunk colors for women are very varied. Black, brown, or white with vertical stripes will do just fine. The materials favored here are satin, damask, lace, and leather. Thus, several clothes and accessories are possible:

  • Steampunk blouse

This garment highlights the upper part of the body by offering an antique look. It can be made of a high neckline or puffed sleeves, question of letting a snow white style appear.

  • Steampunk jacket

Choose a leather jacket preferably to avoid unnecessary bulk.

  • A long or short Steampunk skirt

The size of your skirt is not important, the main thing is that the skirt should be flounced.

  • Steampunk Pants

You can also prefer flying pants or leggings. Moreover, you can readjust at will a short skirt.

Steampunk fashion for men

Unlike women, the Steampunk clothing for men has more of a western feel. This pirate look is mainly derived from the crazy craftsmen of the 19th century. Steampunk lovers will find costume vests and coats in the men's steampunk fashion category. Pair them with shorts, shirts, and T-shirts for a more personal look. It's all in the details, and  My Steampunk Style outfits are especially sophisticated. Our tip: a stylish top hat will complete any men's steampunk outfit. Various accessories are indicated to be at the top:

  • Steampunk glasses

They are an essential accessory to give the Steampunk style a Wild West look. Indeed, it is not just any glasses. It is more appropriate to choose models or monocles. Also, opt for those with copper, bronze or brass frames. Whatever accessory you choose, it's essential to make sure it matches your hair color.

  • A bowler hat

The bowler hat has the advantage of bringing out the western side of this fashion. Usually, black and brown colors are the most popular, but you can choose another one according to your taste.

  • Steampunk shoes

Your shoes should be polished and flexible. They should also create a similar effect with the rest of your outfit.

Where to buy Steampunk clothes?

Very popular in the United States, Steampunk is a look not to be missed. This unique style is constantly buzzing, original, rebellious, and never lacking in inspiration! If you are looking to buy Steampunk pieces, you have come to the right place. offers the widest clothing, accessories, and home decor selection. Adopting the Steampunk style has never been easier!

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