Mechanika Steampunk costume

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Break the codes and dive into Steampunk fashion with the Mechanika costume!

The Steampunk style was born from a fabulous mix of retro Victorian fashion and futurism imagined by the great scientists and authors of the Industrial Revolution era, such as Jules Verne. Embody an aristocratic, elegant, and influential woman by wearing the Mechanika Steampunk costume.

This costume follows the aesthetic codes advocated by the Steampunk universe and displays a unique style, highlighting your shape and your passion for vintage fashion.

This three-piece Steampunk costume for women includes:

  • A brown corset with jacquard patterns for a guaranteed retro-futuristic look
  • An asymmetrical brown skirt typical of Victorian fashion
  • A white shirt with short puffed sleeves and bare shoulders

Choose your costume size with the chart below. If you are between two sizes, take the larger one.