Boudoir steampunk costume

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Steampunk costume: combine elegance and chic in a world you know well: steampunk!

Wear the Boudoir Steampunk costume and display an elegance worthy of the most influential Victorian aristocrats. This Steampunk costume for women will be perfect for a costume party with your friends or a Victorian or Steampunk-themed show.

This brown costume will transport you back in time while remaining faithful to the stylistic codes of Victorian aristocrats, adventurers, and explorers.

For a finished look, pair this costume with steampunk jewelry and accessories.

The costume includes:

  • an overbust corset with jacquard patterns and decorative chains
  • white top with long flared sleeves and bare shoulders
  • a brown skirt with adjustable length

Choose your costume size with the chart below. If you are between two sizes, take the larger one.