5 tips for a magical Steampunk wedding

Do you dream of a wedding that matches your passion? You're in the right place: we'll reveal five tips for an original Steampunk wedding!

Once you have chosen your theme for the big day, the style of your wedding will guide you in all your choices for this unforgettable day. This is how your wedding dress will set the tone for your Steampunk wedding. Your man's wedding suit will also have to fit in with this style. It is mainly the wedding decoration that will really bring your guests into this unique atmosphere. The reception hall will also contribute to the atmosphere. The style will also inspire the dress code of your guests and the animations.

Let's start without further ado by getting to the heart of the matter!

What is Steampunk?

steampunk disguise

As a future bride and groom, you are interested in this theme for your wedding. Don't panic: everything is explained in this paragraph.

Steampunk is originally a literary genre. The term was invented at the end of the 20th century. It is also possible to call this movement "retrofuturism". The world of Steampunk takes place in the atmosphere of the industrial society of the 19th century. Steampunk incorporates the steam engines of the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era massively. These include the steam train, airships, and other wolfish inventions, not all of which have seen the light of day in reality.

1 - What venue should you choose for your Steampunk wedding?

steampunk venue

A venue in keeping with this atypical wedding theme will make the most of materials such as iron, brick, and wood. An old converted warehouse, a brick building, are places that fit perfectly with this style. A more modern place is possible but prefer a wedding hall designed with raw materials as apparent as possible. The decoration will reinforce the Steampunk atmosphere of your reception hall.
You can have your reception in a retro manor or castle with a Victorian aesthetic if you can afford it. Magic atmosphere guaranteed!

2 - What decoration for your Steampunk wedding?

steampunk wedding decoration

For a successful Steampunk decoration, choose specific colors. A mix of ecru, copper, mustard yellow, brown is ideally in tune with a Steampunk wedding. You can even bet on dark colors, like purple and black, for your table decoration. If this is the case, choose white tablecloths to bring light to your wedding hall.
The Steampunk theme is halfway between the industrial revolution and the Victorian era. So you have to think refinement and eccentricity. For example, you can include candlesticks, clear stemmed glasses, elegantly folded napkins, cogs, and flying machines for your centerpieces. Complete your Steampunk decoration with balloons, old books, antique objects. A miniature zeppelin is also a great idea. Also feel free to place old keys, trunks, and old explorer's maps.

3 - Steampunk wedding dress and costume

steampunk bride and groom

For the bride-to-be :

By choosing this original style, the bride-to-be will be able to indulge herself: corset, lace, frills, waistbands ... a wide range of ultra-feminine elements is available to her. A Victorian wedding dress is ideal, but you can also choose a more modern dress, but accessorized. Whether the hair is worked (bun, braids) or loose for the hairstyle, the most important thing is to accessorize with barrette, flowers, or a mini top hat.

For the groom :

The groom can be dressed in a tailcoat suit with golden buttons. A 3-piece suit accessorized with a top hat, aviator glasses, and a pocket watch also makes a perfect groom's costume for a retro-futuristic atmosphere. The most daring men can complete their outfits with a piece of armor.

4 - Which animations?

fun steampunk wedding

A game that fits perfectly with the steampunk style of your wedding is the tea dual. This game, invented by the English (of course!) is very simple. The winner is the last one to eat his cookie after dipping it in a cup of hot tea. Old-fashioned games in the style of an estaminet will also keep your guests busy.
A retro photo booth is almost indispensable in a wedding, and even more so in this case, to immortalize the extravagant outfits!

5 - Some tips for guests dressed in Steampunk

steampunk wedding guests

Originally a literary style, Steampunk is now mostly known for its clothing. The retro-futuristic movement is based on an alternative technological society, full of cogs and machinery. The Steampunk clothing style is fed by an obvious know-how, a great imagination, and an interest in flea markets. It is a movement that manifests itself in many artistic fields. If your guests are familiar with the world of Jule Vernes, Professor Layton or Artemus Gordon from Wild Wild West, they will surely find inspiration in these worlds to create an unforgettable Steampunk look.

More simply, Steampunk wedding guests can give themselves a retro-futuristic look by accessorizing a classic outfit. For men, costumes and accessories: top hat, aviator glasses, mustache, wooden pipe, pocket watch, etc. For women: lace dresses, frilly dresses, or blouse and tulle skirt. For accessories: mini top hat, goggles, pocket watch, waistband, corsage. If you want some inspiration, feel free to visit our article detailing the three essential Steampunk accessories for a successful Steampunk outfit.

Steampunk often goes with a multitude of accessories, but it is possible to choose only one, as the hat, for example. 

steampunk hat collection
The shy ones will choose a dress, a brown and/or ecru suit.

Last but not least:

You are now ready to organize a Steampunk wedding out of the ordinary!
Here is a small summary of the tips:

  • a venue with raw materials
  • A decor featuring cogs, old objects, flying machines
  • A Victorian wedding dress and an accessorized costume
  • Animations : vintage photobooth, period games
  • Dress code of the guests: brown, ecru, purple, black, and accessories.

If you keep these five tips in mind at every step of your wedding planning, your wedding will be entirely in the Steampunk style and leave a lasting impression on your guests.
This list is obviously not exhaustive; the subject of the bride's bouquet can also be considered.

Do you have any other ideas for a successful Steampunk wedding? Please share them with us in the comments!

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