3 essential Steampunk accessories for your outfit!

In vogue for several years, Steampunk seduces by its aestheticism and out-of-time elegance. Steampunk fashion may seem a bit complicated at first for newcomers.  A Steampunk costume can be combined with many elements according to your personality and your favorite era. Whether you're new to the genre or a seasoned cosplayer, discover right now the 3 essential accessories to go with your Steampunk costume!

The basic look: Steampunk glasses

steampunk sunglasses

We can easily imagine Dr. Jekyll with Steampunk glasses on his nose, walking the streets of Victorian London on a dark and foggy night... Glasses are undoubtedly the most crucial element of the Steampunk costume. However, glasses were not yet so common in the 19th and early 20th centuries!

The emblematic goggles

With the industrial revolution and the development of the railroads, new safety requirements appeared. Railway workers, in particular, had to wear a version close to our Steampunk goggles to protect their eyes from ash projections. Similarly, for train passengers or the first high-speed cars, pairs of glasses were required to guarantee safety and comfort. Without forgetting aviators, who also adopted the goggles to protect themselves from the wind during their flights! Many uses, therefore, did not fail to ignite the amateurs' imagination and explain the great variety of the styles of Steampunk glasses today.

Round Steampunk glasses: retro-futurism in everyday life

More discreet but just as symbolic, round Steampunk glasses can be worn in everyday life. For both men and women, you can find a wide variety of models and colors. Most of the lens colors are black-tinted, but Gothic Steampunk fans can wear red-tinted lenses. However, this accessory was far from being fashionable before 1930. If the sunglasses begin to appear as we know them today in the middle of the 19th century, they definitively get into vogue only 100 years later. Then people considered them more elegant than hats and parasols. So if you see a character wearing glasses in a movie set in the 19th century, you can be sure that there is a touch of Steampunk there!

A classic: The Steampunk hat

man wearing steampunk hat

What would a gentleman be without his hat? The hat has been a must-have for centuries. This accessory has left its mark in Steampunk iconography as well. Here are the two most frequent models among Steampunk fans:

The top hat, with or without goggles

The top hat appeared around 1810 and left a considerable mark in 19th-century fashion. With its imposing appearance, associated with a frock coat, the top hat became a symbol of the bourgeoisie. Once very high, it gradually lost centimeters and adopted slightly raised edges at the turn of the 1850s. In felt or silk, black or colored, a top hat adds a lot to your style. It can be accessorized in many ways, including decorating it with metal cogs or pairing it with a Steampunk cane. You can also accessorize it with a pair of goggles or sunglasses: the winning duo of your Steampunk outfit!

Bowler hat and leather glasses

The bowler hat comes from England and was more common among the working class. It was designed to protect the head of people working outside, such as peasants or certain servants. Until then, workers wore soft hats that were not weather resistant. With its solid shell and treated felt, the bowler hat quickly won their favor! However, this hat became as well a symbol of the bourgeoisie. Aristocrats wore the mustache, a three-piece suit, and the bowler hat. Elementary, my dear Watson, the bowler hat is an excellent idea for Steampunk lovers!

The Steampunk watch

Capturing the minutes that tick away has fascinated men for thousands of years. Like a reflection of the passing time, the Steampunk watch connects you to the 19th century every time you look at it. A beautiful and elaborate object to own for all watch lovers.

The pocket watch: authentic and elegant

steampunk pocket watch collection

Pocket watches are closely associated with Steampunk in collective imagination. It appeared in this form in 1882 - right in the period associated with this movement. Designed by Jules Audemars, it is an accurate miniature clock, often with an apparent mechanism. Its name comes from inside vests' pockets in which it was stored after being stapled on a jacket. Its old and authentic charm makes it an attractive accessory. No doubt that with a pocket watch, you will feel as ingenious as Nikola Tesla and as punctual as Phileas Fogg!

Watch on your wrist or as a pendant

Miniaturizing time is a challenge many watchmakers have dreamed of taking up: wristwatches have existed since the 16th century! In the 19th century, some craftsmen even succeeded in creating a ring watch! Like for Steampunk glasses, you will find a lot of different models, according to your preferences. A wrist version with quartz or mechanical movement will add personality to your style. Note that, for a more feminine touch, Steampunk watches also exist in the form of pendants to be hung from a chain or ribbon.

If this overview of Steampunk accessories caught your curiosity, don't wait any longer to discover our selection of Steampunk watches and glasses in our online store!

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