5 easy steampunk outfits to recreate

Would you like to adopt an easy steampunk look, but don't know how to go about it? You dream of transforming yourself into a Victorian hero, but you don't know how to make a steampunk costume quickly? Then this article is for you. We will teach you how to make 5 outfits easily. By the end of your reading, you'll be able to transform yourself into a gentleman adventurer, a time traveler and much more!

1.  Steampunk clothing style for men: the gentleman adventurer

matt smith doctor who

How about dressing up as a gentleman adventurer? This is an essential figure in the steampunk universe. To create your character, take inspiration from Jules Verne's Captain Nemo. Imagine him exterminating mummies in a retro-futuristic Victorian London, like Brandon Fraser in The Mummy. To look like him, put on a tweed jacket. If it looks like Matt Smith's in Doctor Who, even better. If you don't have one, wear clothes that reference the 19th century. An old grandfather's jacket found at a yard sale will do the trick. Add a tie, a nice white shirt, leather gloves and a top hat to your men's steampunk costume. You're transformed into a character straight out of a manga! What you need now are futuristic accessories from science fiction novels. Goggles, cogs and gears are welcome. You can also learn how to tie an ascot knot, as it was done in the old days.

2.  Steampunk women's clothing style: the elegance of a Victorian lady

steampunk woman

For your steampunk woman costume, your goal is to transform yourself into an elegant young lady. Your model is Mina Murray from Coppola's Dracula. To look like her, you need a Victorian dress. Think of yard sales: you can customize an outfit you have found. Choose a velvet or brocade dress or a long sleeve blouse with lots of lace. Remember that the base must respect the Victorian style. You will rely on the accessories to show that your character comes from a revisited 19th century. To make your Halloween cosplay or steampunk costume successful, get a corset. No lady would dare to walk down the street without one. It would be best if you did the same. For jewelry, a simple cameo will do. If you don't have one, go for the choker. Extravagant rings are also welcome. To complete your easy steampunk look, you can get a veil bibi or make your own. Then, pull your hair up into a bun.

3.  The time traveler

steampunk costume

To make a time traveler costume, I advise you to start with a simple base: the gentleman adventurer costume. To look like Allan Quatermain (the hero of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), you'll have to create some "temporal" accessories yourself. The "Steampunk Project" video can help you do that. It will teach you how to make your own time machine from gears and a pocket watch. It will also allow you to make a "whip holder" for your top hat. You can also wear a chronometer as a bracelet. It will come in handy for monitoring the charging time of your time machine! Add pockets to a leather belt and store all your gifted scientist tools (wrench, screwdriver, goggles, etc.) in them.

4.   Easy steampunk look: James West, the offbeat secret agent

wild wild west will smith

Secret Agent James West is a character influenced by the steampunk movement. To embody him, try to replicate the costume Will Smith wears in Wild Wild West. You can also take inspiration from Robert Conrad's blue bolero jacket in Mysteries of the West. The basics are simple to replicate. Get a top hat, a white shirt and round glasses with gray lenses. To accentuate the western style of the costume, get a leather belt and wear it on your hips, as if it were a belt pouch. James West also wears carved collars. To imitate him, you can create a weapon yourself from a water pistol. Then let your imagination run wild. The more details you add to your costume, the more believable you will be as a secret agent.

5.  How to make a steampunk costume: Alice in Wonderland's rabbit

steampunk white rabbit

You are free to imagine any extravagant character of your own. Let's take the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Let's imagine that he is transformed into a man and immersed in a retro-futuristic Victorian universe. To create an original look for this character, get a vintage man's jacket with gold buttons, suspenders and black pants. Remember that the White Rabbit is a minion of the Queen of Hearts. He must be elegant in all circumstances. To do this, give him a cane. To make it clear that the White Rabbit comes from a crazy world, you can give him a gothic gas mask or make him wear a pocket watch. Then draw a red heart on his forehead. You're all set: your cosplay is finished!

The Steampunk universe allows you to create new outfits according to your imagination. Only your creativity is the limit! If you need more inspiration or are curious, take a look at these five awesome Steampunk cosplays. You will be surprised by the originality of the outfits! 

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