Top 5 Steampunk cosplays you've never seen

The retro-futuristic philosophy and aesthetic embraced by Steampunk create some very interesting and beautiful worlds. And luckily for the rest of us, the genre also translates well into various media such as video games, movies, and TV shows. With such a growing fan base among the masses, some dedicated fans have taken their enthusiasm for the genre to the next level by making some of the most epic steampunk-inspired costumes. Here are some of the best:


steampunk princess leila

Some remarkable Steampunk influences can be seen in this fantastic Star Wars cosplay. Princess Leia, one of the key characters from Star Wars, is a perfect fit for a Steampunk style, as seen in this amazing photo from this recent Steampunk cosplay convention. Princess Leia isn't your usual damsel in distress, but she still fights in some pretty revealing outfits, similar to the one seen in this photo. Not the best outfit for blaster combat, if you ask us. But either way, you can't deny the great Steampunk vibes on display with this fantastic Star Wars and Steampunk mix.


steampunk dead pool

This fantastic Deadpool cosplay is an excellent example of how the Steampunk and comic book worlds can seamlessly blend. This outfit is so well put together that we were honestly speechless when we first saw it. This outfit is another perfect example of combining Steampunk with pop culture. In this cosplay, you can see the classic Deadpool features combined with awesome Victorian stylings such as the top hat, black vest, leather cases, and glasses,


steampunk iron man

This costume didn't win the 2014 Marvel costume contest at Comic-Con for nothing. Marvel's resident genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist gets a steampunk treatment of his own with one of the most intricate Ironman costumes to ever grace a Comic-Con event. This steampunk Ironman costume - made by Marvel fan Thomas Willeford - is inspired by the Victorian-era police uniform (complete with cap and baton on the side as a weapon), but it's still so obviously Ironman. The whole thing is filled to the brim with rivets and is so meticulously detailed, but you can't help but wonder how Willeford could have made this thing from scratch.


steampunk cat woman

A Victorian-era Catwoman playing with steam-powered industrial machinery is an image that doesn't stray too far from the character of this sophisticated character. So it's no surprise that some creative fans have given Catwoman her own Steampunk treatment. One of the best steampunk-ed Catwoman costumes is this one worn by a fan at a recent Steampunk convention. With a distressed leather jacket, oversized glasses, and trademark utility belts, it's the best thing any DC steampunk fan could hope for.


steampunk flash

Another awesome addition to the DC universe. This Flash cosplay is the perfect blend of the Steampunk and comic book worlds. The usual Flash outfit has been modified to work with great additions, such as Steampunk glasses, and the trademark leather straps and vest are typical in many Steampunk outfits.

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steampunk shop

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