Top 10 Best Steampunk Jewelry 2022

Steampunk style has become very popular nowadays, and it has influenced music, art, literature, interior design, and many other aspects. Today we are going to review the best Steampunk style jewelry of 2022. 

Steampunk jewelry reflects the culture and fashion of the Steampunk universe. Like other non-minimalist movements, Steampunk values beauty that represents unusual or even ancient ideals.

What is Steampunk fashion?

steampunk gathering

Before we talk about Steampunk jewelry, let's review what Steampunk fashion is. Although Steampunk is primarily a literary genre, it also has many codes. The Victorian era inspires Steampunk fashion. We can then find corsets and long skirts for women, and three-piece suits for men. Adding elements referring to machines is necessary to not fall into the total Victorian look and give a Steampunk look to an outfit. The most common accessories are goggles, gears, guns, pocket watches... and of course jewelry!

Ranking of the best Steampunk jewelry 2022

If you love the Steampunk universe but don't want to go for the total look, you can opt for discreet and stunning pieces to incorporate into your outfit. And the ideal, in this case, is jewelry like necklaces or rings! Many artisans and small businesses are treating us with incredible new designs this year. In this top 10, you will see different jewels made for cosplays but also everyday wear. Let's start immediately with the top 10 of the best Steampunk jewelry of the year 2022!

10. Steampunk duchess choker

steampunk fuchess choker

We start off this top with this Steampunk duchess choker. This necklace gathers everything a Steampunk fan can dream of: the Victorian cameo, the chains, and the gothic touch with its black lace. This revisited and modernized choker starts beautifully with this year's classification, 2022. 

9. Steampunk photo frame earrings

steampunk photo frame earrings

In 9th position are the Steampunk photo frame earrings. These earrings can perfectly match your everyday wardrobe. For the most enthusiastic among you, they will also make perfect accessories for your cosplays and Steampunk costumes. Neither too small nor too big, they are perfect for all types of headwear. They are available in old silver, or old gold (as in this picture above)

8. Articulated Steampunk ring

articulated steampunk ring

Tired of classic rings? Get out of the ordinary and stand out with an articulated Steampunk ring! This accessory is very trendy this year, and is sure to be noticed by your friends and family.

7. Steampunk necklace with wing pendant

steampunk necklace with wing pendant

This beautiful choker is perfectly reminiscent of the Steampunk universe. Its brown leather, its chains, cogs, and laces make it a piece of choice. A delicate wing is added as a pendant. The whole is very well put together; the artist who created this jewelry knows for sure the meaning of aesthetics. In conclusion, a beautifully modern and fresh piece!

6. Steampunk industrial earrings

steampunk industrial earrings

Without its cogs and machine parts, Steampunk wouldn't be Steampunk! These earrings perfectly illustrate this industrial design. They honor the Steampunk look with their mix of silver and copper colors. However, ladies, let's not forget the elegance! This designer has managed to make machine parts trendy and feminine. Who would have believed it? 

5. Steampunk woodpecker necklace

steampunk woodpeckern necklace

Let's face it, Steampunk flirts slightly with creepy stuff... And we love it! Here's a necklace depicting a bird skull with a long beak. This necklace definitely has a romantic gothic aesthetic, which pairs very well with Steampunk. One might think that this necklace was found in an antique shop or a curio store.

4. Steampunk octopus ring

srteampunk octopus ring

The octopus is one of the favorite animals of the Steampunk world. The fans know the reference of the terrible Kraken in twenty thousand leagues under the sea. For a change, here is a piece of jewelry for men. This ring will be appreciated by all those who want to assert their strong character and obviously their fervor for Steampunk. Do you dare to have an octopus on your finger?

3. Steampunk octopus earrings

steampunk octopus earrings

Keeping with the theme, here are Steampunk octopus earrings. These dangling earrings feature this fascinating animal, with its moving tentacles. Its worked shade in old gold gives a retro effect that we love. They deserve their 3rd place!

2. Steampunk flower-shaped ring

steampunk flower-shaped ring

The second jewel on the podium is, without any doubt, this Steampunk flower-shaped ring. We admire the great idea of creating a flower from cogs. The silver and bronze colors highlight its design and give it that vintage feel. In the year 2022, this ring is all the rage for Steamers!

1. Vintage Steampunk necklace

vintage steampunk necklace

The first of this top is this stunning vintage Steampunk necklace. This necklace will make all Victorian-era lovers fall in love with it. Its design is reminiscent of the necklaces of aristocrats of the time. The metal is engraved with elegant curves and cogs. We salute the designer's inventiveness and his great sense of detail, bravo!

best steampunk jewelry

Do you think this ranking is fair? Tell us what is your favorite jewel in comments!

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