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Read more ūüĎČ Combining rich fabrics, ornate embellishments, and distinctive details, our Steampunk shirt collection invites you to embrace a world of fantasy and innovation. Whether you're strolling through a city of gears or attending a grand airship event, our Steampunk shirts will transform your wardrobe into a timeless blend of elegance and adventure!

Our collection of Steampunk shirts

Steampunk fashion is on the rise, connecting millions of fans worldwide. Here, your specialized store is full of Victorian and Steampunk shirts.
If you are a retro enthusiast, check this collection and find the right shirt to get a vintage look as neat and authentic as possible. Be bold, graceful and assert your personality. Our collection of shirts perfectly respects the rules of Steampunk, starting with their elegant colors. Find intense blacks, bright whites, and warm colors such as brown, red or beige. 

Steampunk shirts for men

There are no rules or limits to designing unique Steampunk clothing for men tailored to your expectations. Men often start with the essentials of a steampunk costume such as a hat, glasses, bow tie, or Victorian lace-up boots. However, a nice vest or velvet vest adds to the look and feel.
The colors of Steampunk shirts are usually black or brown with accents of deep red, ivory, and green. Lace and ruffles give a Victorian-era look, while leather brings back the spirit of the industrial revolution. A faded shirt paired with ripped jeans will give you a DieselPunk look. If you're going for a Victorian pantsuit, then a silk shirt with frills is ideal.

Steampunk shirts for women

Are you into Victorian-era clothing? Choose your shirt, blouse, tunic, blouse, or bustier from a growing variety. Each item is carefully designed for a chic and authentic result. These shirts present in this collection will allow you to sublimate your feminine side. For example, wearing a shirt under a corset or a steampunk dress will add character and originality to your outfit.

The perfect shirt for the right steampunk costume

Why not add to your outfit striped pants, a brocade vest, and leather suspenders? A gun case, military boots, top hat, and sunglasses would also perfectly work. Steampunk clothing has various influences: be a time traveler, a mad scientist, or a retro engineer! A good steampunk cosplay requires a nice long-sleeved shirt and fits perfectly with period clothing. You can also wear it with a chic suit that goes well with jeans or a pair of our steampunk pants for men. Dress like a steampunk nobleman, airship captain or steampunk engineer with our different styles.

Which Steampunk shirt should I choose?

Whether you have a gothic style or a preference for steampunk style, you're sure to find something that suits you. Whether it's satin, stripes, leather, with round or mao collars... our steampunk shirts are sure to add to your cosplay.
Many of our current styles have a unique gothic feel that is perfect for post-apocalyptic fashion and industrial styles. Whatever your favorite look, you can create a fantastic steampunk cosplay outfit with these shirts!

The Victorian shirt: a fascinating story

The Victorian style has marked England and Europe for more than six years, the time of a reign of exceptional longevity, that of Queen Victoria.
It is a mixture of splendor, comfort, and sobriety. If haute couture was born at this time, mechanical advances in looms and sewing machines would also allow the arrival of new textures and the decrease in the price of lace.
The lace blouse with a high collar, very fashionable from the 1860s, reflects the innovations of the time and fashion codes. It is worn very tightly over a corset. It shows a waist refined into a triangle: worn over a bell-shaped skirt falling to the ankles, then over a trumpet-shaped skirt, tight at the waist and flaring above the knee. It is a daytime garment, sober and covering, the necklines and the bare shoulders being reserved for the evening toilet. The Victorian era was about being appropriate in all circumstances: one changed several times a day, depending on the place and the time, while respecting a strict etiquette.

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