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Explore a world of Steampunk wonders with our unique and fascinating steampunk home decor pieces. Unleash the power of imagination and transform your space into a time-traveling haven!

What is a Steampunk decor?

Inspired by the literary trend of the same name (whose stories are rooted in the nineteenth century), Steampunk has become a real trend in decoration. Dare to decorate your home in a Steampunk way: a style that will make you dream thanks to its incredible atmosphere, filled with imagination and retro-futurism.
Steampunk decoration is a mix of industrial, retro-futuristic, and Victorian styles. Leather is at the heart of the Steampunk-style deco. Adopting this style for your interior is an opportunity to buy leather and metallic furniture, preferably dark. In general, the Steampunk style relies on natural materials: In addition to leather, we will also use wood, silver or copper metals, cotton, and linen fabrics. Creating Steampunk decor is a lot of fun and will immerse you in the Victorian era, mixed with a sci-fi vibe! If you don't have time to scour the antique stores, our handmade and carefully selected items do have that punk aesthetic you're looking for. Mix and match textured posters, vintage lamps, clocks with exposed gears. Adorn your living room with museum-quality objects. Drawing from fantasy worlds, get one-of-a-kind reproductions and gadgets.  Shop your future favorite piece now!

How can I create a Steampunk decor?

The ideal color for a Steampunk-style room is cream. Steampunk decoration also relies on rust and copper colors, greens, and gradients from black to gray. For a successful Steampunk decoration, we recommend choosing neutral colors for your walls and furniture to highlight your decoration accessories. A Steampunk interior is a matter of style and nuance. If some people like the loaded character of a pure and complex Steampunk living room, others will prefer it to be more subtle and nuanced.
When creating a Steampunk universe, it is important to carefully determine the desired dose of eclecticism, for a subtle or not decoration. Steampunk is a unique style of decoration. An original Steampunk decoration will suit those not afraid to take risks and make a mark.

Steampunk decor ideas for your home

Here are some examples of Steampunk decorations you can find in this collection:

Steampunk clocks

Cogs are essential elements of a good Steampunk decoration and should not be forgotten. Let your imagination run wild! A clock made of cogs will definitely make an impression, but you can use them in an infinite number of situations. We also have copper-plated metal clocks with visible mechanisms to complete your Steampunk decoration.

Antique Steampunk maps

Steampunk is inspired by great journeys (20,000 leagues under the sea, the time machine, etc.)... It is, therefore, logical to find old maps in your interior! Use several sizes to frame in used frames for more authenticity.

Technical and anatomical Steampunk drawings

These drawings are typical of the 19th-century industrial era. If you can get your hands on these types of illustrations, don't hesitate to display them in your home! This retro wall art is very trendy and always eye-catching. You can also use old photos, (usually sepia), which are another great item you can use to decorate your home. You can use photos you found and printed on the internet or old family photos.

Steampunk lamps

If the Steampunk movement is often associated with dark colors and low luminosity. Therefore, the light of your interior must match your decoration. You can use candlesticks, chandeliers, old bulbs, etc. Let your imagination speak! You will find in this collection hanging rusty lamps, industrial desk lamps, and amusing models to create the warm atmosphere you were looking for.

What are the advantages of steampunk home decor compared to other styles?

Steampunk home decor offers several unique advantages over other styles. Firstly, its fusion of past and future aesthetics creates a distinctive and captivating atmosphere. Unlike traditional styles, steampunk incorporates industrial and mechanical elements, adding intrigue and character to your space. Additionally, steampunk's emphasis on DIY and upcycling promotes creativity and sustainability, allowing you to repurpose items in imaginative ways. This style also encourages storytelling, as each piece often carries a historical or fictional narrative. Overall, the advantages of steampunk decor lie in its creativity, originality, and ability to transform your home into a truly enchanting environment.

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