Sue Beatrice and her Steampunk artwork

Susan Beatrice's little creations should delight those who love Steampunk style! Come and have a look at her miniature sculptures on gousset watches.

Steampunk art, as we love it!

sue beatrice art

It often happens that old watches are no longer repairable... Either because they are too damaged, or because they are not worth it. But what to do with all these components, all these cogs, these screws, these springs, these plates, etc.? Throw them away? That's a shame!
The American artist Sue Beatrice, concerned about our planet's environment, reuses old watch components to transform them into miniature sculptures. Inspired by the Steampunk style, she creates small animals, musical instruments, or pretty fairies within the watch itself with breathtaking precision. These works of art should stand the test of time.

Sue Beatrice: a committed artist

sue beatrice

Sue Beatrice is an animal sculptor who lives in New York. For years now, she has specialized in reproducing the animal world in different forms, from the smallest to the largest animals. She has a wide range of talents, one of which is surprising and particularly interesting for timepiece lovers.
This talented artist is one of those people who feel directly concerned about the waste and pollution of our planet. The result is often stunning, sometimes dreamlike, but always poetic.

For the curious or those who would be interested in buying one of her works, here is her website:


  • Kim Naboshek

    FOUND YOU! Etsy …

  • Kim Nabohek

    Where are your “creatures” available for sale .. I love them!

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