How to dress up as a steampunk woman?

This guide is here to help you find several steampunk costume ideas for women and help you better understand what steampunk fashion is all about. Let's get started now!

What is Steampunk fashion?

womens steampunk fashion

Steampunk has gained popularity in recent years. As with most fashion trends, women have many more options and variations than men. This look takes older-style clothing from the 19th century and adds a number of industrial gadgets and accessories. While they look new, many garments are aged with coffee stains and sandpaper to give them that worn vintage look. Some of the clothing styles from the Victorian era are still made today and can be easily found at many retail stores, thrift stores, and your grandmother's closet are all places to find pieces for your Steampunk outfit.

How to look like a steampunk woman?

steampunk woman holding an object

Before we begin, we'd like to share this famous quote to describe Steampunk:
"What would the past look like if the future had happened earlier". It helps to understand a bit the spirit of this fashion.There seem to be two main Steampunk camps: the purists and the free spirits.

Steampunk purist women

For the purists, steampunk fashion for women strives to be true to the era and dresses more in a Victorian style as it was back then with some Steampunk embellishments. These people enjoy the historical aspect of the genre and love to go back in time.

Steampunk "free spirit" women

Then there are the free spirits, the people drawn to Steampunk because of the genre's basic look and rebellious nature. These people are probably already involved in goth or cosplay and bring other influences to Steampunk. They bring new and creative ideas that are continually added to the mix. A good place to see free-spirited Steampunk style is at Burning Man. Burning Man is an annual festival in the western United States in Black Rock City.

This camp wears modern clothes like tight pants or leggings, mixing them with other Victorian-era clothing. Like corsets, hats with goggles, and many other trinkets and gadgets that can be added.

The look of the steampunk woman: 4 basic rules to follow

two steampunk women

1.  Start with Victorian-style clothing and add to it.

Steampunk is a Victorian-era fashion that was taken from the pages of science fiction books about a society ruled by steam. . The latter part of the 19th century was a very industrial time with many new inventions and technologies. Steam power was a game changer and affected and changed everyday life. It was also expected that steam would become an essential source of energy, but the oil industry took over, and steam became a secondary activity. Therefore, the premise of this genre is placed in this period.

2.  Accessories: create an outfit that delights the senses.

Steampunk breaks the classic dress codes. For many looks, it is necessary to know how to measure the number of accessories in order not to overload the whole. Steampunk on the contrary loves excess, so don't be shy with accessories! This genre can be a mix of gear, gadgets, and gizmos to create your unique style. The most in vogue are: goggles, steampunk jewelry, bowler hats, pocket watches, leather hangers, lace gloves, eyelet sunglasses. The accessories are what make this style great. 

3. Think about the colors you want to combine.

To keep with the Steampunk look, we advise colors such as brown, black, bronze and antique silver. The important thing is that the shades should have an "authentic" look. However, there is no "Steampunk color": many Steampunk enthusiasts say that Steampunk these colors are consistent with the Victorian period. But Steampunk universes are capable of creating vibrant colors and intricate man-made patterns. Beige, red, purple, green or navy blue can perfectly fit in a Steampunk outfit, as long as the Victorian and "industrial" aspect are there. 

4.  Do not follow the rules too closely

You can mix other genres with Steampunk. This is in keeping with the philosophy of Steampunk. Use what you have, be creative, and encourage individual diversity. Eventually, There are no "real" rules. You'll meet some people who have more opinions on this than others. But the Steampunk community, despite its rebellious nature, seems to attract wonderfully friendly people. The only rule is to have fun and break free from your daily life.

How to find Steampunk clothing?

steampunk store for women

Many people bring Steampunk fashion into their daily lives. They don't necessarily wear a full costume but add a little Steampunk accessory to their look. In addition, many people decorate their homes with a Steampunk theme, old antics with brass and tube accents, or own items like Steampunk keyboards and lamps.

You can easily find Steampunk clothing, especially for women, anywhere if you know what you are looking for. In recent years, Steampunk products have been popping up. Take the time to research the look you're going for, as you can find similar style products without the Steampunk name for less.

If you know what you are looking for, you can make a Steampunk outfit at any modern clothing store. They sell ready-made Steampunk costumes that will do the trick or get you started, but Steampunk is more about creativity, individualism, and something that means to you. With a creative imagination, you can make many things work, and you can be sure to show up at a party, and no one else will have what you are wearing.

6 Steampunk outfit ideas for women

Traditional Steampunk woman

This look consists in dressing up in Victorian-era clothing. Formal attire is usually the look you're going for. Add some extra accessories like glasses and a top hat. This is a great variation for people who love period clothing.

The leather steampunk look

steampunk leather

If you love vintage leather looks, Steampunk fashion is for you. Adding leather accessories can transform almost any outfit into a Steampunk look.

Steampunk western woman

steampunk western woman

This variation of Steampunk has gained popularity since the movie Wild Wild West, a great example of Western-style Steampunk. Top hats are still popular, but cowboy hats, guns, and cases with a pocket watch with chains give it a western look. For women dressing up, a saloon girl is a popular style, a corset, garter hats, and stockings.

Steampunk goth style

steampunk gothic woman

Gothic and Steampunk like to borrow ideas from each other, such as corsets, top hats and big Victorian dresses. Steampunk Gothic women dress primarily in black, but can add hints of red or purple. 

Steampunk pirate woman

steampunk pirate woman

This theme uses 19th-century nautical military clothing with Steampunk accessories; you can add a musket, sword accessories, brass binoculars, and any other elaborate and shiny gadget.

Steampunk Aviator

steampunk aviator woman

This theme uses Victorian-era aviator clothing. As with any Steampunk look, the accessories give this look an exaggerated character. Pirate and aviator variations are often mixed together, giving us the pirate sky look!

Civil War and Military Steampunk

military steampunk woman

The Civil War took place in the 19th century, so any old military garment from that era will do. With the bonus of brass buttons and gold thread. The military theme works well with the post-apocalyptic crowd. This theme doesn't offer as many options for women as for men. The look is also close to the Dieselpunk universe.

Steampunk woman explorer

steampunk woman explorer

The main accessory to achieve this look is the Tropical Pith Service helmet and some old kaka clothes or other formal wear from the era. This is a good theme for women who wear pants.

Post-apocalyptic Steampunk

post apo steampunk woman

This variation pushes the boundaries of traditional Steampunk and goes outside the standard period. This variation is what would have happened if, in the Victorian era, there had been a tremendous apocalyptic disaster. This look features gas masks as a key accessory. 

Weapons are a very important factor, especially bizarre homemade weapons. The bigger and weirder they are, the better. This is consistent with the post-apocalyptic anarchy setting. This variation also fits in with the recent zombie trend that has been popular in recent years—requiring special weapons to kill zombies.

Steampunk looks for women: conlusion

This guide will help you get started, but Steampunk is much more than that. You will find many warm and wonderful people willing to share their knowledge when you get more involved at fairs and conventions. That's when the real fun begins.

As mentioned, purists tend to stick to the most specific period, but the free spirits can look anywhere they want. Follow these basic guidelines, and you'll be a Steampunk in no time!

 If you want to add something or express your opinion, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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