Top 5 of the best Steampunk Robots created!

Many artists mix past and future with the steampunk style for their creations and sculptures. Most are made from recycled materials, gears, copper and brass cylinders, etc., making the designs more "vintage".
Here is a retro-futuristic vision with as many steampunk elements as we could find on a wide range of robot sculptures. Let's discover together the top 5 of the best Steampunk robots created!

8. Cute Steampunk Robot

cute steampunk robot

Mike Rivamonte is the creator of the smiling little steampunk robot on the far left. This robot results from a creative retro-vision, mostly made with old parts.

Let's now turn our attention to the 2nd robot with big ears and a counter. This little creature is made of model car parts, copper wire, incandescent bulbs, soldering, electric switches, pvc pipes, screws, rubber joints, plastic tubes, ... A few days of work were necessary for the exterior painting, to give it this aged look.

The picture on the right is the designer Will Wagenaar, who you can find on Flickr. He has been a professional artist and designer since 1972, and he makes robots and characters from recycled materials.
Here they are "Brenda and Commander Cupcake". The designer says about this robot couple, "they look happy and cute together, but she's going to make his life hell. Branda was born to be bad".
This artist often uses old salvaged parts, combining them with elements of clocks, technology, brass, ... to create sculptures on the theme of Victorian industrial fashion.

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7. Steampunk Dog Robot

steampunk dog robot

The creator Will Wagenaar has created these little steampunk dogs. Dozens and dozens of hours of work are necessary to achieve these kind of sculptures.

Retro-futuristic Steampunk robot


Here is the retro-futuristic universe of Lawrence Northey! These steampunk robots, explorers, and astronauts evoke a vintage and sci-fi universe.

With these seemingly timeless whimsical robotic sculptures, Northey builds a fantasy world of robots. He sometimes spends weeks polishing each piece until he gets the finish he wants.

Victorian Robot

victorian robot

These robots are inspired by the imagination of Jule Vernes and old science fiction books.

Steampunk Wooden Robot


Michael T. Rea, the creator of these giant wooden steampunk robots is an art teacher. He is living proof that an artist can thrive by making a direct connection to his imaginary world. The 36-year-old Chicago-based artist is constantly producing epic sculptures out of carved wood, like this time-traveling robotic armor made for Stephen Hawking and currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Rea's day job is to manage the woodworking shop at Northwestern University's art program.

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