Steampunk Gothic: how to mix the genres?

These days, Steampunk and Gothic are conquering new fans all over the world. Although these two movements are diametrically opposed, it is customary to associate them. The mixture of these two genres gave birth to Gothic Steampunk. If you are a particular fan of this style, please read on to discover the definition of these two genres and the different ways you can combine them.

1 - What is Gothic?
2 - What is Steampunk?
3 - How to combine Gothic and Steampunk?
4 - Steampunk goth clothing for men and women
5 - Steampunk gothic accessories

What is Gothic ?

gothic group

Having become a subculture in its own right in the early 1980s, Gothic has a character that is not only individualistic, but also apolitical. While social themes or political leanings influence other subcultures such as punk, the gothic movement advocates tolerance for all forms of diversity. The gothic movement is mainly defined by a style of dress and ways of seeing things that are pretty different from most people—for example, wearing many black clothes and listening to gothic music. Not conforming to the rules is one of the reasons why a person joins this movement. 

What is Steampunk?

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In a broad sense, Steampunk could be called a cultural movement. It combines the aesthetics and technology of the 19th century with futuristic elements. It is sometimes referred to as science fiction from the past or as retrofuturism. Its literary and audiovisual works display particular stylistic codes, mixing gears, cogs, and other mechanical elements with raw materials like copper, steel, and leather. All the technological developments are based on steam energy, giving a singular character to these creations. Steampunk fans are known to be creative and assertive in their style.

How to associate Gothic and Steampunk?

gothic steampunk woman

Through the definition of Gothic and Steampunk, it is noticed that these two genres are different on a number of points. However, gothic-style enthusiasts are drawn to Steampunk culture and aesthetics. In fact, a great common point unites them: the desire for freedom and self-expression. Since the gothic steampunk community is quite creative, they do not hesitate to mix the two genres by wearing steampunk goth clothing and completing their look with steampunk goth accessories.

Steampunk goth clothing for men and women

The steampunk gothic style is characterized by the use of dark colors, including black, brown, or purple. In addition, lace, leather, and other materials are the main materials used to design outfits.

Steampunk goth clothing reflects the romanticism and fantasy of the Victorian era. If you plan to combine these two genres as a woman, you can opt for a vintage Victorian dress in black color or a strapless and retro corset.

These days, steampunk men are increasingly interested in the gothic style. If you are going to adopt this style, you can bet on 3-piece suits with a dark-colored shirt, a gothic jacket decorated with gears, a gothic style coat, a leather jacket, etc.

Gothic steampunk accessories

steampunk hat

To make your outfit the most complete and in line with the spirit of the Steampunk Gothic style, you need to complete it with accessories. Gothic steampunk fashion often incorporates large hats decorated with feathers. The most characteristic accessories are embellished with clock gears and machines.

Despite their differences, the gothic and Steampunk genres can be combined without any worries. If you want to honor them, just mix steampunk and gothic clothes and accessorize them properly. The result will be magical! 

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