3 reasons to watch Arcane, a Steampunk series!

Developed by French animation studio Fortiche, the series Arcane is inspired by the arena game League of Legends and takes us into the rather Steampunk world of Piltover, where technologicalĀ advances and magic reign supreme.

Story of Arcane

Two close-knit sisters, Vi and Powder, live in the underbelly of the city of Piltover, in the district of Zaun. Their favorite pastime? Stealing with their friends in the upper town and then sell the stolen items to the rich. But after a robbery goes wrong, they are chased by the police. In their flight, a drama occurs, and they are separated. A few years later, they are found again, but each in a different camp. Will they manage to find each other and walk side by side? That's what this first season of Arcane is all about.

Why should you watch Arcane? Mainly for 3 reasons!

1) If you are a League Of Legends fan

arcane characters

The Arcane series is, above all, the first screen adaptation of League of Legends, a video game developed and published by the American company Riot Games. League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena): a game where two teams compete on a map, usually of five players. Each player selects a "champion" with unique abilities and powers.

Gamers fans of League of Legends will certainly be delighted to find their favorite champions: Vi, Jinx, Ekko, Jayce, Caitlyn... The series takes us back to the origins of these heroes, and we discover the great universe of the game from another angle. The most enthusiastic will take pleasure in spotting the easter eggs to the game scattered right and left in the serie.

2) If you are a Steampunk fan

arcane city

If you are not familiar with the video game, it will not prevent you from appreciating the series. With its multiple cogs and mechanisms sprinkled with magic, there is no doubt: we are in a Steampunk universe! Steampunk is a trend that has become very popular in recent years. Its aesthetic is very worked and always elegant, drawing its inspiration from the Victorian era. Breathtakingly beautiful, Arcane does not go unnoticed. "Each scene, each set has been thought of as a real painting," says Marietta Ren, storyboarder on the project. The episodes demonstrate the technical and artistic mastery of the French studio Fortiche in charge of this original project. Steampunk fans will be delighted to see their favorite universe come to life in a very satisfying way!

3) A fast-paced fantasy series

arcane netflix

The rich/poor divide is certainly not a very original angle. Still, the tragic story of these two sisters holds us in suspense during the nine episodes, and we enjoy discovering the city and the protagonists. Everything is highly polished, detailed. It is a successful series on the background of magic and the ravages of the race to progress and wealth.

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